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Hopeful writer,I like making PoI art works,but don't consider myself an artist.
Absolutely and totally Caviezelized,without any hope for a change

Irrelevant addicted
Always a Careeser, no matter what

PoI vs. Marvel/DC

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"Just die, why can’t you?"

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[jokes about being in love with a character] [is actually serious] [and not joking] [in any way] [at all]

that’s me about Mr. Reese…lol

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Sherlock Holmes: high functioning sociopath |  knows 243 types of tobacco ash | the difference between alpaca wool and Icelandic sheep wool | destroyed a terror network in two years | made a whole nation believe he was dead
- Thinks his morning tea just sort of happened

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I feel like most of my life choices can be summed up with this gif:



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"I'm not certain I meant that as a compliment."

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