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Hopeful writer,I like making PoI art works,but don't consider myself an artist.
Absolutely and totally Caviezelized,without any hope for a change

Irrelevant addicted
Always a Careeser, no matter what

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Forever Careese

All of Me - John Legend


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Who’s looking after you these days?

Someone new.

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Go Cow or Go Home

SE402, Nautilus

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Happy Birthday dear Jimmy, God bless you always…

Love you <3 :3

Credits to all people owner of the pics 

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Jim Caviezel + mood board
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Jim Caviezel + mood board

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Cura Te Ipsum

Fusco gets transferred to the 8th. Watching it today and this scene gave me the feels thinking of John at Joss’s desk.

ETA-reblogging to get that 4th gif moving

I miss my Joss Carter smile…

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